A downloadable game for Windows


Unit Focus:                
MMB     = Rotate Camera              
MMW   = Zoom in/ out

World Focus:

WASD   = Movement
MMW   = Zoom in/ out

  Hover over buttons for tooltips to learn more about what they do.  


To win eliminate all zombies or rescue all NPCs.  Game Over occurs if either all player units die, or all NPCs die.  

To rescue an NPC, move to the tile next to them and press the rescue button. They will then make their way to the extraction point. 

The extraction point can be moved, it takes two turns to activate.


Zombies roam in packs. If your unit spots a zombie, then its entire pack becomes visible. If a zombie spots your pack, then the whole pack becomes active.

Zombies will kill any NPC visible to them if their pack has been spotted by the player.  


To attack press the attack button, drag on the unit’s camera view until the zombie you want to attack is in view.

A List of targets will appear that the unit can hit with along with how hard the shot is to make. Click the button for the unit you wish to attack and play the minigame.


X-Zombie 33 MB
Report 293 kB

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